Common causes of Construction Accidents

Construction accident occurs due to improper training to workers. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in America with construction works accounting for roughly one out of every five workplace fatalities. When employers fail to follow federal and state safety regulations or fail to implement proper safety programs, construction workers are put in even more danger.

Common causes of Construction Accidents

Falls many work sites have unprotected sides, edges, and uncovered holes in the floor and wall at some point during construction. Unprotected openings can cause injuries due to falls and falling objects.

Struck-by — these injuries can be caused by vehicles, falling objects, or in the process of building walls.

Electrocutions — Electrocutions can be caused by several different accidents, including:

Contact with power lines

Issues with ground-fault protection

Is improper use of equipment?

Caught in-between (Trenching) — Lack of oxygen or exposure to harmful chemicals can be deadly in some instances.

Causes of these injuries include:

No protective system

Failure to inspect trench and protective systems

Unsafe spoil-pile placement

Unsafe access

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