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A serious auto accident can be a very jarring event and can range from unpleasant to immutable life
altering. Serious life threatening injuries can leave accident victim with staggering medical bills, drop in
income, and months of pain and suffering..Accident involving motor vehicles are amongst the most
common causes of serious injuries and death in the United States ever year. In United States over 4.5
million people are injured in car accident every year.

We handle all cases involving serious injury and wrongful death with dedication and focus in order to
ensure that our clients are adequately compensated by the civil justice system. We realize that there are
few things in life more devastating than being seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence or
losing a loved one in an accident.

Adequate Compensation
This compensation exists to cover these medical bills or loss of wages that an injured party may have as
a result of the accident. This allows the injured person the opportunity to relax and recover without
having to worry about the burdensome expenses. Compensation may be awarded for the following:

Medical bills
Lost wages
Lose earning capacity
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Court costs
Proving Negligence

An injured party must file a NY Personal Injury Lawyers lawsuit in order to pursue compensation. This requires them to prove the other party’s negligence caused the Car accident lawyer in NY. The injured party can be this by gathering evidence that proves the accident and their injuries happened as a direct result of the party’s negligence. This satisfies the burden of proof. Evidence that may be used in a case can include medical documentation of the injury, pictures or videos of the hazard, or any witnesses to the incident.

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